Pool Schedules

Ellen has been good enough to share her great information about when the hotel/casino pools close for the year. She has surveyed the hotels and found the following pool schedules. Surprisingly, many of the pools are open year round.

Will close October, open in late March early April

The area is open, there are no lifeguards, the pool is heated to 80 degrees, and there is no service.

Yes, our pools are open all year round and they are heated in the winter. Hours will vary depending on the season. For more detailed information, you may contact our Pool Manager at 888-987-7111.

Our pools are opened year round, yes, they are heated at 78 degrees year round. For further assistance you may call 800-634-6001

Circus Circus
Our pools are heated to 80 degrees. The pool is open based upon the weather in the off season. Lately, (Nov 2000) our weather has been in the highs at 60 plus degrees and the lows at 40 degrees. This is unseasonably cool weather for us. I mention this as it is always hard to predict. Basically we have a winter season from November -March, but among those days we can have warm weather in the 70's.

Open year round and heated to 80 degrees. There will be service at the pool.

Our pools are open year round. Only one of the five pools is heated. There are no pool side services during the winter. Thank you for your interest in the Flamingo.

Four Seasons (part of Mandalay Bay)
Thank you for your interest in Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. The pool is open year round. Listed below, please find additional information regarding the
swimming pool amenities. Open from 10:00am - Sunset. Features complimentary Cabanas with telephone service. We serve light meals and smoothies by poolside.
Provide Evian spritzing, fresh fruit, and chilled water. The hotel also has disposable swimsuits available for use.

Close in October - open Mar-Apr

Hard Rock
Close October - open Feb-Mar

Imperial Palace
Our pool reopens on March 1. Our pooldeck is open for sunbathing and the whirlpool is also open. There is no bar service during the off months.

The pool is open 9-5 and it is heated to 82 degrees. The snack bar is closed "but you can take items to the pool".

Our pool is kept at 78 - 82 degrees year round, and is open 8:00 am - 7:00 pm. (Jacuzzi is 102 degrees and is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm) The pool is 3.5 feet in depth and there is a section designated for laps and a slide. Our kiddie section has two slides. Towels are provided and there is a changing area. Our pool area has a restaurant and beverage service. The use of our pool is restricted to registered guests only. At the end of the year, normally in December, the pool is closed for approximately one month for maintenance.

Mandalay Bay
One will stay open. Sand and Surf will close.

MGM Grand
Heated to 75 degrees
At least one pool is open year round, however, all pools are not open at the same time, pool 3 is reserved for Conf. Center use. #2 is part of the River.
All pools are 3-1/2 feet deep.

Monte Carlo
The pools are open year-round and heated to 80 degrees. Towels are provided and the snack bar is open.

Open year round, but only open 8-4 during the winter. It is heated. Chairs will be out. There is no service.

Pool season is officially over. There will be one heated pool open daily from 9am-5pm. Service will be available as usual.

During the cold months the Tropicana uses a glass partition to enclose the covered section of its large pool by the hotel's Island Tower. The pool and surrounding indoor area are kept heated to a comfortable level. There is also a jacuzzi spa there. In the winter one of the Tropicana's smaller outdoor pools which is designated for adult use only is also kept heated to about 90 degrees. Normally that would be too warm, but in winter, when Las Vegas' nightime air temperatures hover in the mid-twenties, a midnight swim in that pool is like basking in a hot spring. (Patti Shock)

Treasure Island
Our pool closes once a year in the month of February for its yearly scheduled maintenance. The rest of the time our pool is opened based on weather conditions and it is heated.

One of our large pools will be heated all winter but the cafe and snack bar will be closed.

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