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I've put together a list of books that I heartily recommend for information on Las Vegas, gambling, comps, or LV History. At first I just had the pictures of the books, but I thought I'd make it a little easier on web surfers and spell out what each books is about. That will save you a click.

Each of these books is available for sale at I've ordered dozens of books off their site and HIGHLY recommend them. They have a number of great books and their service is prompt.

I've divided up the books into categories to help you find what you're looking for. If you're not finding the specific book you want, look at the bottom of the page. I've put in a search box so you can do your own search at Amazon.



Casino Perks
Casino Perks
This coupon book is a fantastic savings!


No Limit
Fly on the Wall
Players - The men who made Vegas
Man with the $100,000 breasts

No Limit:The rise and fall of Bob Stupak and the Stratosphere Tower

All you ever wanted to know about Stupak and his mission to build the Strat. Written by local journalist John Smith.

Fly on the Wall

This book is written by a man who came to work for the LV Sun in 1950 and then became the youngest casino publicist in 1960. He was in casino PR for 20+ years and has all the stories of what it was like in Vegas through the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Players:The Men who Made Vegas

This book has stories behind the men (Binion, Wynn, etc.) who made Vegas what it is today.
Highly Recommended!
The Man with $100,000 Breasts

Despite the weird title, this is a great book full of stories about strange and unbelievable, but true bets.

On the Boulevard - The Best of John L. Smith

John L. Smith is an award winning Vegas journalist who has written hundreds of articles about segments of Las Vegas history, infamy and lifestyle. He is one of my favorite writers. A MUST READ!

Dice Angel

A newcomer on the block. This book is fun! I loved it. Couldn't put it down.

John L. Smith wrote about this book in his May 10th column and says "Check out Brian Rouff's entertaining novel."

A Short History of Las Vegas

From pioneer watering hole to top 10 tourist destination, this book covers the evolution of Las Vegas from desert oasis to neon jungle.

The Man Who Invented Las Vegas

"One man's chronic gambling habit became the foundation for modern Las Vegas." This book is a bit different as it tells the story of Billy Wilkerson. This book is written by his son and tells the story of how Bugsy Siegel stole the idea for the Flamingo from his father. This book is also a good glimpse into the mob men who made Vegas.

Resort City in the Sunbelt: Las Vegas, NV 1930-2000

The author, Moehring, covers the rises and pitfalls of the amazing growth in Las Vegas over the last 70 years.

24/7: Living It Up and Doubling Down in the New Las Vegas

This humorous book is an adventure ride! The author literally took $50,000 (the advance for this book) and dove head first into the casinos and lifestyle of Las Vegas.

Blackjack Autumn: A True Tale of Live, Death, and Splitting Tens in Winnemucca

The author, Barry Meadow, took two months off to play blackjack in every casino in Nevada. This is a hysterical diary of his adventures. Even if you don't play Blackjack, you'll love this book.

Super Casino: Inside the "New" Las Vegas

The "Old" Vegas may be dead, but "New" Vegas is just as interesting. The author pays special attention to the Luxor, but the book also features a number of first-person accounts of locals who were there "when" and who see it all now.

No image available

License to Steal : Nevada's Gaming Control System in the Megaresort Age

Jeff Burbank, a writer for the Las Vegas Review Journal and LV Sun as well as Newsweek takes a look at the political and economic issues of gaming and the Gaming Control Board.

The Illustrated History of Las Vegas

A beautifully illustrated book with 160 pages of Las Vegas History.

It Happened in Nevada

A collection of 30 stories from the Anasazi to present times about Nevada history. An interesting and quick read.

The First 100: Portraits of the Men and Women Who Shaped Las Vegas

From John Fremont to Kirk Kerkorkian and Sheldon Adelson - an illustrated history of the people who made Las Vegas


Experience Las Vegas
Experience Las Vegas

Neon Nuptials

This guide to all things Vegas Wedding related is written by our own Ken2V.

Neon Nuptuials is an excellent guide and I highly recommend it to all Vegas Brides!

Golf Las Vegas

Another fantastic book from our very own Ken2V on the message board. If you've ever even thought about bringing your sticks to Vegas, you have to get this book. It's got everything you need to know about golfing in Las Vegas.

Experience Las Vegas

This is a great guide for the first time visitor, or those who are really looking for something new.

This book has maps, floorplans, seating charts, restaurant hours.. EVERYTHING!

The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2006

This guide isn't my favorite, but many prefer it to those I recommend. It's a great book and if you don't choose one of the others, choose this one!

Family fun Guide to LV
Complete Idiot's Guide to Las Vegas

101 Things for Kids in Las Vegas

Another GREAT book if you're traveling to LV with kids. A portion of the proceeds even go to charity!

The Family Fun Guide to LV

If you're traveling to LV with your kids, you need this book. It tells you what activities are there for your kids as well as what hotels and restaurants cater to families.

The Complete Idiot's Travel Guide to Las Vegas

This books is by the Frommers Guide people. It's a down to earth guide to Las Vegas - lists of hotels, restaurants, shows and tourist traps to avoid.

MapEasy's Guidemap to Las Vegas

A combination of map and guidebook. A great resource for visitors to Vegas.

The Insider$ guide to Las Vegas

This guide is a bit different. It's more of an insider/local's guide with information about medical care, retirement, local history, outdoor activities, etc.

Time Out Guide: Las Vegas

This is one of the newer guidebooks. It's got lots of pictures and information that many of the other books have. This one includes a great section of day trips from Vegas.

Lonely Planet: Las Vegas

While this book doesn't have as much "off the beaten track" stuff as I would expect from a Lonely Planet guide, it did have lots of not-very well known information. A good guide for someone who thinks they have done it all.

Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Las Vegas

Tired of the same old guidebook? Tired of cookie cutter descriptions of hotels and tourist attractions? Then this is the book for you. The guidebook to the cool, hip and wacky side of Vegas.



No Image Available
No Image Available

Hiking Las Vegas

A great resource for getting away from it all. Tons of hikes around Mt. Charleston and Red Rock Canyon. A must for outdoors enthusiasts!

Hiking Southern Nevada

While Hiking Las Vegas is specific to the region, this is a great accompanyment, especially if you're interested in exploring areas further from the city.

Las Vegas Single Track Guide

If you mountain bike, this is a must have. Bring your bike and have a great time just outside of Las Vegas. (This book somtimes needs to be special ordered, but Amazon will nearly always be able to get it for you)

Out From Las Vegas: Adventures a Day Away

This is an offroad and outdoor guide to areas within a day's drive of Las Vegas.



Frugal Gambler
Fly on the Wall
Bad Bet
Frugal Gambler

The Queen of Comps, Jean Scott, shares her tips for getting the most for your betting dollar. How to work the comp system and get the most freebies from the casinos. Great tips!

The Las Vegas Advisor Guide to Slot Clubsl

This book rates the Nevada Casino slot clubs for comps and value. A necessity!

Bad Bet

This book has a negative view of gambling, however, it's a fascinating look at the marketing and spread of casinos, lotteries and sports betting all over the US. A real eye-opener and a fascinating read no matter how you feel about gambling.

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas

This is THE book to read if you're a blackjack player. It covers everything you could possibly want to know from tipping to demeanor at the tables.

Casino Gambling for the Clueless
Beat the Craps out of the Casinos
Best Blackjack
Victory Video Poker

Casino Gambling for the Clueless

If you're just starting out and want to play some of those games you've seen, this book is for you. It's a VERY simple guide to the major table games.

Beat the Craps out of the Casinos

I love reading Frank Scoblete's books. I think they're fun and practical and they aren't full of math. Just good, solid craps strategy in this one.

Best Blackjack

Another book by Frank Scoblete, a very funny and comprehensive writer. This book covers basic strategy as well as more advanced strategies and counting. He's got some great antecdotes too!

Victory Video Poker

This is a very good book that covers almost all aspects of playing Video Poker. If you're just starting out with video poker, or need some tips on how to better your return, get this one..

Slot Smarts
Casino Gambling
Casino Secrets
American Casino Guide

Slot Smarts

I'm not a slot player, but this new book looks like a good one if you are. Some of his ideas are unconventional and he likes to move around the machines a lot, but it's a good read.

Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling

This is a collection of articles by the writer about all aspects of gambling and placing bets.
Casino Secrets

Barney Vinson goes over how to play almost every game in the casino. A great book for beginners and experts!

American Casino Guide

This is THE BEST source of information for casinos in the United States (not just in Las Vegas).



Viva LV: After Hours Architecture

Collecting Casino Chips

Viva LV:After Hours Architecture

This book describes the city's pop culture significance. Especially where its architecture is involved. Admit it, Las Vegas has some of the wildest architecture in the world!

Collection Casino Chips

This is a great primer if you're interested in collecting casino chips. It's a growing hobby and people are making money at it. Just check out the prices at

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