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The subject of Best Pool in Las Vegas is a subjective one. Everyone has a different opinion and they vary greatly. I'm going to try to provide a list of the pools mentioned most often as well as providing information about why they were chosen. If a picture is available, I'll provide a link to it. If you know of a picture, or something that isn't on the list that should be, please e-mail!

Mirage: This has to be the most beautiful pool in Las Vegas. The Mirage has a series of lagoons where waterfalls cascade into the pool. You can see their pictures (one overhead and one of the waterfalls) at: The pool area can get crowded, but it is protected by security who checks keys. It used to be that you could bring a key from a previous visit, but word is that now they check the key by scanning it in a machine to make sure you are a CURRENT guest at the Mirage. The rumor that Treasure Island guests can use the Mirage pool is NOT TRUE.

Tropicana: This is my favorite pool in Las Vegas. There are two pools here, one huge pool with waterfalls and a swim up blackjack table and one smaller pool with smaller waterfall that is ADULTS ONLY. The Tropicana closes the part of the hotel that is underneath the Island Tower in winter and heat the pool year round. If you're planning on spending a lot of time in the pool, you might want to consider an Island Tower room. The elevator goes right down to the pool area. There's a picture here that I took on my trip. It's a view of the pool from my room in the Island Tower.

Flamingo: The Flamingo has a beautiful lagoon-themed pool area. Thankfully, the Flamingo has finally entered the 21st century and has a better website. They have some great pictures of the pool at: . I haven't tried this pool myself, but the grounds are beautiful. If anyone has a better picture of this pool, let me know. I'd love to link to it on your web page (or put it on mine).

Bellagio: I haven't seen it (it was 30degrees when I was there in December!), but people are raving about it. I imagine we will hear more about it once summer pool weather arrives. Here are two pictures from the Las Vegas Sun: Aerial View and closer up Aerial View2. I'm looking for a better picture.. maybe something taken from INSIDE the pool area. E-mail if you have one.

Monte Carlo: Monte Carlo's pool is beautiful. Again with the waterfalls and this time a wave pool and lazy river you can float down.

Mandalay Bay: This pool is fantastic! It's actually several pools, but the biggest is the giant wave pool and beach area. I thought that the descriptions of the size and scope of the pool area were exaggerated, but they were not. I was very impressed. There is a lazy river and the wave pool as well as some "regular" pools. There is a separate pool area for the Four Seasons hotel guests. Click here for more info and pictures.


Best Pool Downtown:

The choices are much slimmer downtown. There are very few pools and most of those are nothing special. There aren't any slides, rides, or waterfalls downtown. There are two standouts downtown though:

Golden Nugget: The pool was remodeled and now is comparable to many on The Strip.

Binion's Horseshoe: I've looked everywhere I can think of to find a picture of this pool, but I can't. If you've got one, I want it! Basically, this is just a normal pool. Square. No diving board. No slide. No waterfall. But this pool is outdoors, on the 28th floor of the Binion's tower. Now that's something you don't see every day!


One more question I see involves the depth of the water. Most of the pools in Las Vegas are only 4-5 feet deep. Apparently insurance companies think you can't drown in 4' of water or something. So...


The older hotels are going to be the ones with the deepest pools. Bally's has the deepest at 12'. The Las Vegas Hilton's pool has a deep end that is about 9' deep. The Riviera is supposed to have a deep pool, but I can't find information on exactly how deep it is. The pool on the roof at Binion's is 8' deep. I've been told that the Frontier has a 12' deep pool too. Supposedly the Stardust has a deep pool, but I haven't seen it. Circus Circus claims a 9 foot deep pool on their website. They weren't sure when I called the 800#. Can anyone confirm?

There are no diving boards that I've ever heard of at a casino/hotel in Las Vegas.

Another question I get sometimes is What pools are open late?

Binions' pool closes at 9pm.

The Tropicana says that it closes at 6pm, but I have repeatedly seen people swimming well into the night without problems.

I've heard that Flamingo has the same liberal "operating hours". However, I'd suggest that you don't abuse it or we'll lose it!

I just got an email saying that Silverton's pool has rules similar to Trop and Flamingo. The pool area is available late if you keep the noise level down and don't cause problems.


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