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Note: The information on this page is subject to change without notice. Unfortunately the casinos don't call me to tell me about changes in prices and operating hours. If you find something on this page that is not current, please email me and let me know.

Bellagio - Bellagio consistently gets rave reviews for their buffet. The prices seem high at first glance (breaskfast, mon-fri, 8-10:30am, $13.95 ......lunch, mon-fri, 11am-3pm, $18.95.....dinner, mon-thurs, 4-10pm, $26.95, sun, 4:30-10pm, $26.95.....gourmet dinner,fri-sat, 4:30-11pm, $28.95. ......brunch, sat-sun, 8am-3:30pm, $28.95 (includes champagne)...$22.95 (no champagne)) The food is excellent quality with tons of seafood and gourmet fare. Last year the Las Vegas Advisor listed it as their #3 top value and said, "... a hamburger at Bellagio's Sam's American Grill is $13. Let's see hamburger or buffet with unlimited shrimp? Hamburger or buffet with unlimited gourmet pastries?" I can see their point!

Paris - This is the new kid on the block, but not all that new anymore. The lines are always long at this buffet because it is worth it. The food is very good and the price is still pretty good. Paris has done well positioning itself as one of the top 5 buffets in town. Hours and prices are - breakfast $10.95, 7:30-11:30am, lunch $14.95, 11:30am - 5:30pm, dinner $21.95, 5:30-10:30pm

Aladdin - The Spice Market Buffet is getting good reviews from just about everyone I talk to. The quality of the food is high and it is a good value. If you're in the neighborhood, try it out. If you are staying center strip, you could live on the buffets at Bellagio, Paris and Aladdin. Hours and prices are breakfast, $10.99, 7-10:30 a.m., lunch $12.99, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., dinner $18.99, 4-10:30 p.m.

Main Street Station - This one is much less expensive thas most Strip hotel buffets. Prices are $5.29 for breakfast, $7.49 for lunch and $10.29 for dinner ($14.99 for the seafood buffet on Friday nights, the Tuesday T-bone steak dinner is $11.99 and the Thursday filet and scampi buffet is$10.99. You can add lobster to the dinner buffet on weekends for an additional $6.50. The Saturday and Sunday brunches 7am-3pm are $8.99). The atmosphere is wonderful at Main St. Station. There is a great variety here and although I've only eaten breakfast there, I wouldn't hesitate to eat any meal there.

Rio Suites Hotel - I have had to take the Carnival World Buffet off the Best Buffet list. The quality has dropped too far and the prices have risen too much. If you are a huge seafood fanatic and are going to be at the Rio anyway, it's still probably a good bet that you'll enjoy the seafood buffet. It's pricey at $26.95 for dinner (4-11pm), but if you are craving seafood, this is the place to go. The one thing everyone says is to be sure to leave room for dessert. Apparently their dessert selection is fabulous!

I have heard good things about the buffets at Caesars' Palace and The Mirage. However, I haven't tried them myself and I don't personally know anyone who has. If you try them, let me know what your experience is. I'll be happy to post your opinion here.

UPDATE: The following comments were received from Michael about the Ceasars' and Mirage buffets. Thanks Michael!

Mirage is great! Very well done with great selection. Service is impeccable. They have the usual shrimp, taco/fajita station, pasta station, stir-fry station and a nice selection of kosher items including salmon/bagels and the like. The food quality is excellent. I am not a big buffet fan as I prefer quality over quantity, however, the Mirage (as well as Bellagio) put all my fears of buffets aside. Great food, great service at a great price. What more could anyone want?

Caesars buffet is sure quality over quantity. Their selection is limited and the layout (it's a SMALL circle layout) is annoying however the quality again is paramount. I was really pleased with my meal and service, however, you will not find the selection found at the Rio Carnival Buffet. Only a few meats, a few vegetables, breads and dessert.

There is one more buffet I want to add here. The Regent in Summerlin has a great buffet. This hotel is located about 10-11 miles from the Strip. Unfortunately, the hotel has had some financial problems and they have cut back on the hours of their buffet. If you've got a car and want to try something different, this one is a good bet. Just be sure to check with the Regent hotel to make sure that the buffet will be available when you arrive. The buffet currently costs $13.95 for dinner and is served from 4:30 - 9:30pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Monday they have a Hawaiian Luau Buffet.

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